My favorite materials are acrylics, watercolors, paper, worn paintbrushes, graphite, crayons and inks. The majority of my time is spent making really bad art. Occasionally I get lucky and create winners, too. Guess I like to play & doodle more than painting finished pieces which I find rather boring.

My style has been described as loose, bold and unique which I tend to agree with. Somehow I manage to make a living & paint full time; lucky me.

What I'm Up To?

I'm currently focused on collage and mixing it with watercolor and/or acrylics. I find the process extremely expressive. It also generates a lot of abstract qualities which lends itself to my natural carefree style.

In addition to that I'm creating a lot of tutorials and online workshops at

Bragging Rights

  • Churchill Downs - Official 2012 Kentucky Derby Artist
  • Arlington Horse Race Track Chicago
  • National Pastime Baseball Museum
  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • 555 Fahrenheit Restaurants
  • Mixed Media Instructor - Strathmore Papers
  • Polo Resort – Hong Kong
  • Odd Couple Sitcom (remake)

Contact Info

Instagram - @_painthog
YouTube - View Channel
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