Abstract Acrylic Flower Painting Techniques Video Tutorial

Discover one of the many techniques to help you create expressive floral artwork

In this video demonstration you will learn various abstract acrylic flower painting techniques. If you enjoy, or desire, to paint expressively these tips will enlighten you on how to achieve better results.

Many artists struggle with loosening up! I hear it all the time in my workshops. From those that are too detail oriented to others that simply don't understand how to abstract a subject.

The solution can be found in the approach. And by that I mean how an artist sees their subject and what methods they use to explore them.

The key word there was explore! And not paint!

Most of us would agree that the majority of precious studio time is dedicated to painting finished art. After all we are goal oriented adults that are trained from a very early age to accomplish and succeed. Anything less is a failure.

But this is rubbish in my opinion. Creating finished art all the time doesn't allow you the freedom and time to explore technique. And finished art is only a representation, or reality check, of where your skills are at that particular moment in time.

This big misconception

The attitude most artists have when wanting to paint loose is 'I can just start slinging paint like a wild man to paint more abstract". And I can't blame you since some very expressive paintings appear that way.

However, that's a very naive viewpoint. It couldn't be any further from the truth in my humble opinion.

You see painting loosely requires just as much skill, if not more, as photo tight art. It may take less time than more representational art but you have to understand the structure behind quality art is the same no matter what style you are doing.

Painting expressively is a skill that requires respect and time to develop.

When we began our art journey we all reached a point where we realized drawing is very important. And when we picked up a paintbrush for the first time and started applying paint to the canvas we quickly realized the need to understand color mixing.

I have news for you. Incorporating abstract qualities into your art is just as much of a skill as any of the basic drawing and painting fundamentals. It requires knowledge, like what you are getting in this video demonstration, time to develop and experience.

The good news is there are many ways to get there. Anyone can do it! This lesson will help you but it is just a drop in the bucket of what one can do to loosen up. It's a step in the right direction!

Developing quality expressive art means you have to develop the proper skillset. Here are some examples:

  • And this means knowing how to properly draw your subject.
  • And how to draw it more gesturally.
  • Understand the mechanics of loose brushwork.
  • How to explore brushwork so that you develop unconventional methods for applying paint.
  • How to push color in traditional and non-traditional ways.
  • And so on...

In this expressive flower painting lesson I'm sharing just a few ideas on how to get there.

Here's a quick recap of what was covered in the video tutorial.

  • Exploring your subject will help you add personality and take some risks that you wouldn't ordinarily take.
  • The goal here is to avoid painting the entire object and only focus on bits and pieces.
  • Sample different size brushes (large brushes work best), loose brushwork, negative space painting and whatever else comes to mind.
  • Exploring is where ideas happen since this is less intimidating.
  • When you are finished with these studies be sure to keep them.
  • I encourage you to hang them up around your painting area so that you can view them.
  • I find these expressive studies teach me a lot about painting and are a constant reminder to take risks.

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