Created with acrylics, collage and a whole lot of fun.

Loose, fun and abstract flower paintings created with acrylics, collage and mixed media. These artworks capture a variety of flowers from Japanese anemones to sunflowers. They also incorporate my newest technique and that collaging.

Mixed media has always been in focus with my art. Specifically mixing linear interest using charcoal, graphite and crayons.

For years I've always been intrigued with collaging. For whatever reason I just never took the plunge. That all changed about a month ago as I finally purchased some Mod Podge and gathered some pattern papers.

What I did next

One thing I teach a lot is having a go-to subject. One that you can easily fall back on if you lose your way, or want to explore a new technique. My go-to subject is cows. I've painted them for over ten years and rarely get tired of doing it.

Having said that I guess you know where this is going? The very first collage I did was a cow. Why? Because it allowed me to focus on the technique and not worry about subject matter. This is critical in my approach to learning and I can't stress it enough to consider having one for yourself.

A go-to subject should be simple. An object like a coffee cup, wine bottle, a vase with flowers. If you decide to implement this strategy you will see how that subject changes over the years, too. Fun stuff!

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