Abstract Landscape Painting Techniques Using Acrylic With Mixed Media

Expressive Landscape Painting Techniques To Get The Juices Flowing.

In this episode of Bacon Bits you will discover abstract landscape painting techniques using acrylics, collage and graphite. If you are looking for unconventional ways to paint more expressively, or you are in a rut this is the video demonstration you need.

In the landscape video tutorial you will see the painting come together from beginning to end. It's created with energy, confidence and fun. Well that and some good technique.

What You Need To Know

Below is a quick look at how the painting evolved. Keep in mind I did not include information about design and composition in this episode but they are available for painthog members.

  • I started with a reject painting that measured 11 x 15 inches
  • The initial layout was done with thinner paint using a fan brush
  • In this demo I started with laying in some major shapes which was only possible because I was familiar with the design
  • Happy accidents are always welcome and I rarely freak out about them
  • Using a liner, or signature, brush is a great way to add expressive brushwork
  • I would recommend only using it on smaller scale painting
  • Use collage to add layers and expressive qualities
  • Use your values wisely and try to avoid adding darkest darks and lightest lights too soon.
  • The same can be said for color. So, try to avoid hues that are too saturated in the beginning. Save them for the finish.

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Abstract Landscape Painting Techniques Using Acrylic With Mixed Media