Enjoy a collection of unique and affordable original Maine art.

If you appreciate loose, abstract Maine landscape painting you are in the right place. This collection depicts mostly coastal scenes created with acrylics, graphite and collage.

So, I started visiting Maine back in 2000. Being a Virginian I mostly vacationed and visited the southern states like Florida and North Carolina. But one Fall I ended up in beautiful Stonington, Maine and immediately fell in love with it.

I have a background in commercial fishing ( I was a scallop fisherman from 1992 - 94) so I naturally gravitated to the working fishermen town. I've returned to Maine many times, especially Stonington, and have taken quite a few family members along with me. It's always fun to see their excitement when they see this beautiful state for the first time.

Anyhow, it's been six years since I've visited Maine but thankfully I have my art to remind me. I have hundreds of pics from my journeys so it's easy to find new inspiration for the next painting.

Hope you enjoyed the expressive Maine art collection.