Abstract Still Life Painting Techniques With Expressive Brushwork

Time To Brush Up On Your Expressive Painting Skills

In this episode of Bacon Bits you will discover various abstract still life painting techniques. This step-by-step video demo is loaded with inspiring methods to loosen you up and have some fun making art.

When creating art I'm always on the prowl to try new things. And this still life lesson illustrates exactly that! To paint the simple yet extraordinary coffee cup I will use a toothbrush to apply the majority of the paint. And I will add some words to the art giving it an illustration type of finish.

What You Need To Know

Here are a few pointers from the demo.

  • I started with 11x14 inch Bristol paper that was previously used for an afternoon fun painting project with my son.
  • Paint is heavy body acrylics.
  • A square brush was used to add text/words.
  • The toothbrush was used to paint the majority of cup and background.
  • A liner brush was used to add details and highlights.

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