Grow your paintings with improving your basic design ability

More often than not photographs need tweaking before they're worth painting. In this tutorial I will share some ideas on how you can do this by adding a story, or few supporting elements to complete the scene.

This means using your imagination and adding a little creativity. It takes time but well worth it in the end. After all, copying images is unimaginative and quite dull. Why not add some personality to it? You know, make it your own!

When you spend a few extra minutes to infuse your ideas the art becomes more meaningful and interesting to paint. Plus you will save hours of time by knowing where your focal point is and how you will lead the view into the scene.


Just adding a focal point isn't necessarily going to make your artwork museum quality. There are plenty of other areas one needs to develop like value, scale, perspective, and so on.

But understanding focal points is a step in the right direction and will help you achieve one of the important aspects of creating better paintings.

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Basic Design Tips For Developing Focal Points