An Exploration In Creativity

Hi, I’m Robert Joyner. I’m a full-time artist and instructor from Goochland, Virginia. I specialize in blending quality fundamentals with unconventional painting techniques. I have a home studio where I create art and online teaching courses.

Mixed media has opened up a world of opportunity and fascination. The endless possibilities means never becoming stagnant or bored with the creative process. This brings excitement to the studio, fuels my passion and keeps me pushing the boundaries.

Although I strongly believe in developing solid fundamentals my approach is typically very random. I like to put myself in challenging positions that require me to rely on the basics to pull it off. So, instead of creating predictable art I opt to catch lightning in a bottle. This is what excites me!

Bragging Rights

2012 – Official Artist of the Kentucky Derby

2013 – Strathmore Online Instructor

2013 - 2022 – Preferred artist for Carnival Cruise Lines

2013-current – 555 Fahrenheit. custom art for restaurant decor

2016 – National Pastime Baseball Museum commissions



Teaching others the joy of painting loose with acrylic and mixed media. Check it out!

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Watercolor Fanatic

Currently building Watercolor Fanatic website which is a free online resource for watercolorists that want access to quality tutorials, product reviews, and tips & tricks for mastering watercolor painting.

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You can bid & win original watercolor and acrylic paintings using the link below.

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