Abraham Lincoln Painting

Mixed media Abraham Lincoln painting

Abraham Lincoln Painting Details

Abstract, colorful and loose original Abraham Lincoln painting. Features untamed brushwork, a minimalist background, bursts of magenta, yellow and green - all the while capturing a very keen likeness of Abraham Lincoln. Although very energetic and fierce in it's execution, all the key elements of a portrait seem to appear at just the right place. The medium is heavy body acrylics, crayon and inks on 22" x 15" archival paper.

Artist Notes

This portrait of Abe came together quite nicely. Clean, crisp and spontaneous all seem to mingle in this one painting. When I view a painting it should be easy to look at and this portrait certainly lives up to that for me. And what's interesting about this type of painting is it's not easy. The level of precision and execution need to be spot on or I end up with a wonderful portrait of Freddy Kruger - not good. So having the skill to place the key features where they need to be in a nonchalant manner takes a lot of planning, and confidence. It's about making a decision on what to do and doing it without any hesitation. Gotta' go big, right?

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