Abstract Albert Einstein

Abstract Albert Einstein portrait

Abstract Albert Einstein Portrait

Abstract Albert Einstein Portrait

Been working diligently this week on developing my portraits. This abstract Albert Einstein painting is perhaps one of my favorites from the batch so I thought I would highlight it. I used acrylics, inks and a little crayon to pull it off. It's painted on a full sheet of 140 lb. watercolor paper that measures 30"H x 22W inches.

In addition to the bold style & abstract qualities I particularly like the palette. I guess you can tell I had some fun with the brushwork as well which is attributed to the comfort level I'm beginning to have with Einstein.

One thing I stress in a lot of my online art courses is to find subjects you love and stick to them. This is a crucial aspect to my development and style. It's not until one gets comfortable with a subject that they start to learn how to abstract it. These abstract risks will trickle into your other subjects too but you have to first find the freedom and develop the physical habits that will allow you to paint loosely.

Hope you enjoyed the new Einstein portrait half as much as I did painting it. Thanks for having a look.

Updated On 1/26/2017 - Added new Einstein Portrait

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