Abstract Baseball Painting

Abstract Baseball Painting

Abstract Baseball Painting Details

Colorful abstract style baseball painting that depicts a pitcher in full windup mode. Painted with heavy body acrylics and inks on archival paper, measures 24" x 18".  The highlight is the expressive brushwork and arbitrary colors that seem to be applied loosely but capture the motion and details needed to create an exciting baseball artwork.

Artist Notes

This painting is one of the few baseball pieces I've created. They're a new subject and more of a test to see how much I enjoy figurative subjects. I've dabbled a bit in this area and haven't yet found any thing that really excites me other than football inspired art.

Another interesting note is this piece is featured on the new sitcom 'The Odd Couple'. It's a remake featuring Matthew Perry from Friends. The painting is hanging in the Sports Bar set along with another baseball painting I did but not pictured in the post.

BaseballRobert Joyner