Abstract Buildings

Abstract buildings

Abstract Buildings Details

This piece was created several years ago and depicts several abstract buildings painted in watercolor, inks and crayon on archival paper, measures 12.50" x 30". Colorful palette of burgundy, fire engine reds, earthy green, tan and a little rich blue to top it off. This cityscape painting is chocked full of abstract and representational qualities and captures the essence of tall buildings while leaving plenty of room for your imagination to wonder. A real gem if you appreciate unique and creative cityscape artwork.

Artist Notes

This is another painting that was lost with the old website. It's significant because it marks the beginning of my cityscapes and also my usage of rejects in my work. Since these two techniques changed the direction of my creativity I thought it was worthy of being in the new website, and hopefully for good. I do regret selling this one but al least I have the photo and now a blog post to remember it by.

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