Abstract Cityscape Art

abstract cityscape art

Abstract Cityscape Art Details

This abstract cityscape art depicts several buildings painted in a mixed media combination of crayon, inks and acrylics on archival paper. Measures 11" x 15" and is chocked full of abstract qualities that are perfectly balanced by representational shapes of tall buildings.

Artist Notes

This is an oldie-but-goodie that was painted several years ago. My previous website crashed and unfortunately I didn't have a good backup, so many of the older posts and paintings were lost. One-by-one I'm adding these older pieces that I feel were a significant to the evolution of my art career. And this is certainly one of them. It was created at a time when I first became interested in urban inspired works. It was also created on a reject which at the time was a new process. That process is now a staple in my studio and that's exactly why I'm including this little gem in the new site.

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