Abstract Cityscape Artwork

Abstract Cityscape Artwork

Abstract Cityscape Artwork Details

This abstract cityscape art features an aerial view with buildings, cars and more. It's created with spontaneous brushwork, loose strokes of crayon and a vibrant palette. It gives the viewer a sense of depth by adding hard edges to the foreground while allowing the background to be muted and somewhat nondescript. The composition is inspired from a photo reference that was taken near the downtown Richmond, Virginia area.

I probably went a little overboard with the compressed charcoal on this one, but it felt good and couldn't resist myself. This urban inspired piece has a lot of abstract qualities - perhaps more than most of my work. The background of buildings really fall apart once you start looking at them too. However that hold together nicely when viewing from afar which is a little bonus of the style of art I create.

Hope you enjoyed the new cityscape painting and thanks for stopping by.

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