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Abstract Expressive Horse Racing Painting

Abstract Expressive Horse Racing Painting

Abstract Expressive Horse Racing Painting

Original abstract expressive horse racing painting that depicts a horse and jockey in full stride. Packed with energy, movement and emotion that blends perfectly with the excitement of the fast paced sport of horse racing. Created with a mixed media combination of heavy body acrylics, inks and colored pencil on archival paper, measures 15" x 22". Inspired from time spent at the 2012 Kentucky Derby watching the big race.

Artist Notes

This is another example of a minimalist style painting that works well with the action-packed brushwork that I tend to use in most of my artwork. The palette is darker than the norm but works very well only because the bursts of yellow, orange and reds. Without these 'pops' of color it would be a rather dull painting in terms of color. And that's the beauty of being an artist, well a free-spirited artist that is. Having the freedom to exaggerate color is just one of the endless ways to exploit a subject and to make it exciting. This is what keeps me at the easel and makes my job so interesting. The imagination can do wonderful things when allowed to roam freely, uninhibited by reality. Most of these combinations are accidental and a result of applying the first color, or two, and then reacting to what I see. I simply ask myself ' what color would look good with this'? I rarely second guess my answers and immediately add that color and it usually works :)

Hope you enjoyed the new horse racing art and 'Thanks' for stopping by. Until next time...

Horse RacingRobert Joyner