Abstract Flower Paintings - Loose, Colorful & Expressive

 Abstract flower painting

Abstract flower painting

Abstract Flower Paintings - A New Direction

Here's a slightly new direction with abstract flower paintings. They're created with acrylics and mixed media on paper. Flowers have always intrigued me but just haven't made a commitment until recently to make them part of my regular subjects. This batch of art represents a small breakthrough that makes me believe there's something there worth pursuing. 

The compositions are inspired from some pics I've saved over the past few years but never found the right time to dive in. I will say at this early stage I prefer the wild. or field flowers over the flowers & vase still life setup. Again it's a new direction so time will tell if this is going to stick.

Anyhow, here are some more flower paintings for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for having a look.

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