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Abstract Horse Painting

Abstract Horse Painting

Abstract Horse Painting Details

This original abstract horse painting was part of a commission I did for the Polo Resort in Hong Kong. I created several mock-ups and this was one of them. They ended up selecting a different composition that had more of the horse's body showing, but I really like the suggestive nature of this one. It was painted over a reject which is a technique I use very often. When I paint over inferior artwork it gives me freedom to paint more expressively since I really have nothing to lose. When I'm teaching I encourage students to keep rejects and to use them for future works. A fabulous way to be resourceful and to give yourself a chance to learn from mistakes and to have the option to turn a negative into a positive. A great thing in all facets of life, but a great feeling in the studio.

The painting was created with heavy body acrylics and ink on archival paper. It measures about 17" x 17" and loaded with loose and bold brushwork.

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