Abstract Horse Portrait

abstract horse portrait

About The Abstract Horse Portrait

This abstract horse portrait is another oldie-but-goodie that was lost when my website crashed about a year ago. It's a significant abstract horse portrait since it really was one of the first mixed media horse portraits that I created and loved! This horse painting helped me kick start a new series of horse inspired work and taught me not to hold anything back when working with charcoal and acrylics. If I remember correctly it was one of the first successful paintings where I worked wet-into-wet with the acrylics and charcoal. Once I realized these mediums worked with this technique well together I never looked back!

If you look closely at the charcoal scribbles you will notice how they blend with the acrylic paint. This allows the charcoal lines to not become too stiff and overpowering which is often the result if working of dry layers of paint or inks. If the acrylics are applied nice and thick it will also allow for some additional texture which is always a welcome bonus.

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