Abstract Interior Decor Painting

Abstract Interior Decor Painting

Abstract Interior Decor Painting Details

This abstract interior decor painting features the signature free-for-all brushwork that I tend to do best. It depicts an interior room with a few chairs, couch, coffee table and some wall decor. As with much of my work there's plenty of representational qualities that are balanced with the abstract and carefree brushwork, and bold color choices.

The art is created with acrylics, inks and crayon on archival paper and measures 22" x 22".

Here's How It All Started

I recently took a trip to Southport, North Carolina where I taught a three day workshop. I had the privilege of staying at Riverview Inn owned by Lois Jane. It was a beautiful B&B that was decked in antiques. I was immediately attracted to the interior decor and decided to take some photographs which helped inspire this new series.

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