Abstract JFK Portrait

Abstract JFK portrait
Abstract JFK portrait

Abstract JFK Portrait Details

Loose, colorful and abstract style JFK portrait. The painting is created with acrylics, inks and crayon on archival paper and measures 30" x 22". If you appreciate expressive portraits of former Presidents than you will probably love this one. It captures a keen likeness of JFK but allows the mind to roam and explore with all it's abstract qualities.

Artist Notes

Been slinging a lot of paint this week (finally) after taking some time off for the birth of our son, some commission obligations and filming the 'painting in layers' workshop. Feels like I hadn't painted in months although it was only about 4-5 weeks. Anyhow, it's good to be back and think the break did some good. I really like the flow of this portrait and has a cohesive feel to it. Not easy painting portraits with a style as loose as mine but I'm determined to get better at it.

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