Abstract Maine Painting

Abstract Maine Painting

Abstract Maine Painting #2

Original Abstract Maine Painting

These abstract Maine painting (s) depict an unknown town (perhaps Boothbay Harbor) created in a loose style with acrylics on archival paper. They measure 22H x 30W inches with a colorful palette of reds, creamy whites, light yellow, beige and deep greens. They're inspired from a photo reference & time spent vacationing along the coast while visiting a several years ago.

The Process

Like many of my paintings it's created over a reject which really helps with the expressive qualities. There are three main layers not including the original reject.

  1. I tend to loosely block-in with the first layer while being careful to allow the bits & pieces of the reject to remain.
  2. The second layer is all about adding body to the main shapes and details. All the while preserving abstract qualities. This is where most time is spent since it's really the most important step in the process. It's also important in this stage to use transparent qualities so the painting doesn't become too heavy.
  3. The last stage is where it all comes together as I add details light strengthening shadows & adding highlights. Also, features like telephone poles, wires & any more figures that may enhance the overall composition & story.
  4. To learn more check out the Five Stages Of A Painting tutorial. This will help you understand layers and how to develop a painting.
Inspiration Image

Inspiration Image

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