Abstract Richmond Cityscape Artwork

Abstract Richmond Cityscape Artwork

Abstract Richmond Cityscape Artwork Details

This abstract cityscape artwork depicts a scene near downtown Richmond, Virginia. It's painted with mixed media on paper and measures 22" x 30". Loaded with energetic brushwork and a carefree palette of reds, blues, greens and tan. Cityscape art that allows the viewer to appreciate the literal but also offers plenty of abstract qualities that allows the imagination to explore.

As with most of my artwork it's painted with heavy body acrylics, crayon and inks on 140 lb cold press watercolor paper. This is my medium(s) of choice these days and works well since it allows me all the freedom in the world to be loose and expressive. I can paint, draw and go for it since the paper is inexpensive.

Hope you enjoyed the new cityscape painting and thanks for stopping by.


If you would like to purchase originals you can find them here.