Abstract Starbucks Coffee Art

Abstract Starbucks Coffee Art

Abstract Starbucks Coffee Art Details

This abstract Starbucks coffee art depicts a cup of joe created with mixed media on paper. The painting is inspired from my love of coffee and passion to paint. The colorful palette features creamy whites, dark greens, brown, light and dark blues. It measures 22" x 15".

Artist Notes

I've painted several Starbucks coffee artworks and find them appealing for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I love to paint simple compositions and making them exciting by using expressive brushwork. Secondly, the subject is immediately identifiable since Starbucks is such a popular brand. Even non-coffee lovers have probably had Starbucks at some point. And when lookers can immediately connect to a subject it can certainly help sales. This has been the case with the Starbucks series - they've sold pretty well.

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