Abstract Watercolors - Too Much Fun

Abstract Watercolors - Too Much Fun

I've been enjoying painting abstract watercolors lately after taking the past three years, or so, to focus on acrylics. The medium has always fascinated me and was the very first one I painted with back in 2001 when I started my art career. The works you see in this gallery represent Maine, Virginia & Provincetown inspired themes. These subjects work because I have hundreds of images as resources from vacations, and they fit into what I'm interested in these days - cityscapes & landscapes.

Watercolor Details

Holbein are the main brand but I also have some Graham leftover from previous years. Mixed in with this is white Gouache for highlights, and a few crayons & graphite.


Primarily Saunders 140 lb. cold press and Blick/Fabriano (less expensive) blend for experimenting with some ideas.


I have some quality Squirrel mops in various sizes along with a few synthetics. I'll post more about my materials later on when I create some tutorials. Probably early next year.

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