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Acrylic Figurative Painting - Men At Work

Acrylic Figurative Painting - Men At Work

Men At Work - Acrylic Figurative Painting

This painting is inspired from time spent urban sketching in Richmond, VA. A few months ago I had hosted an online workshop for painting figures in the cityscape. I wasn't quite sure where that would lead me but it ultimately finished with being intrigued with men at work wearing the bright yellow safety vests.

The painting is created with acrylics on paper and measures 22H x 30W. I used several layers to create the piece but it was painted in one session. Sometimes I get into a rhythm  and find it hard to stop other than letting the layer dry.

What You Need To Know

The one key element that many artists fail to see and understand is subjects. May sound silly but it's true. I've asked hundreds of artists why they are painting a particular subject and the reply usually lacks passion. What I mean is passion that reflects a true connection to a subject; something that they have experienced and actually spent time getting to know.

The painting you see here is a direct result of the months spent exploring Richmond with my camera and sketchbook. This subject has made an impact in my life and the connection is there. So, when it came time to actually paint 'men at work' it had a legitimate chance of success. Without this connection I truly feel it would have lacked energy. I released a course recently that captures this experience if you care to have a look; Acrylic Figure Painting Tutorials 'Men At Work'.

Here's the image that inspired the painting but I did quite a bit of sketching on site with graphite to get connected to the subject.

Inspiration Image

Inspiration Image