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Acrylic Landscape Painting With Figures

Acrylic Landscape Painting With Figures

Acrylic Landscape Painting With Figures

This acrylic landscape painting with figures is inspired from a vacation to Maine many years ago. It's created with acrylics on paper, measures 16H x 20W inches. You can learn more about my materials here. I painted it over a reject which is pretty common in the studio.

What You Need To Know

I did a video tutorial on the composition which is where I demonstrate simplifying the process by using chunky charcoal. I think it will help you understand how I reduce complicated subjects before tackling the finished piece. The charcoal sketch from that tutorial is below. Chunky charcoal will keep the details at bay and allow one to focus on the big shapes.

This painting was created in layers. Each had plenty of time to dry before the next was applied. This process also allowed time to access the progress in order to apply the next one with confidence.

Be sure to take lots of pics when you are out and about. You can't have too many images for reference; the more the better. I would also recommend organizing your images my tagging them, or using folders. This way you can easily access specific subjects when the inspiration hits you.