Acrylic Maine Landscape Painting - Minimal Palette

Acrylic Maine Landscape Painting

Acrylic Maine Landscape Painting Details

This Maine landscape painting depicts a scene at dusk with home and parked cars. Kind os an uneventful composition and subject. I use compositions like this a lot because I make my style the focus.The pops of yellow and lime green are part of the original doodle and really add to the final painting. Using doodles and rejects is part of the daily routine and if you haven't tried it you should give it a go.

What You Need To Know

This painting reflects many of the common practices going on in my studio. Below is a quick look at some of these basic acrylic painting fundamentals but nothing can replace the passion and joy one has when at the easel. That comes with time & experience as well as a little confidence.

 Inspiration Image

Inspiration Image

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