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Acrylic With Charcoal Cityscape Demonstration


Acrylic With Charcoal Cityscape Demonstration

This lesson demonstrates methods and ideas using acrylics and charcoal. Using a cityscape you will learn how to take a complicated composition and simplify it in order to eliminate the clutter and focus only a few details. You will also learn how to use your artist vision to add details. This added touch makes the painting your own.

What I Will Cover In This Lesson

  • How to connect to the image and details
  • Make quick impressions
  • Using the imagination to add details
  • Using charcoal to add shape & details
  • Working wet-in-wet
  • Avoid overpainting
  • How to see details in the image but use them somewhere else
  • How the two mediums mingle
  • Why doodling and experimenting is critical to developing your style
  • How to introduce new ideas by understanding the physical aspect of trying new techniques
  • Avoid being predictable and painting the same way all the time
  • Keep pushing your style and techniques

Your Goal

Things are getting interesting. You are not only starting to mix mediums but also learning the finer points of expressing your subjects.

Create a cityscape, landscape or whatever subject you like based on the techniques learned in this lesson. This lesson covers many other aspects of applying these mediums so I encourage you to watch, and re-watch the video. Then apply and apply again the techniques in order to fully understand the physical aspects of learning.

Acrylic With Charcoal Cityscape Demonstration