Albert Einstein Portrait

Albert Einstein portrait

Albert Einstein Portrait Details

This mixed media Albert Einstein portrait is created with a combination of acrylic paint, and ink on archival paper. It's full of spontaneous brushwork and a colorful palette of blue, green, flesh tones, white and bursts of orange and yellow. It measures 18" x 15" and would make a lovely addition to any art collection.

Artist Notes

There's plenty I like about this painting but my favorite is the yellow above Einsteins left eye. Sometimes the success of a painting, or perhaps the difference between average and above average, is that one thing, or one decision to add a stroke or color. Of course this can ruin many paintings too but if I don't take risks then my art would be trite and boring. I do feel that yellow made this an exceptional portrait, just saying...

I started painting portraits in early 2012 but took a break due to work related commitments. In 2013 I vowed to make portraits and figurative paintings my main focus. I spend much of my time in the studio exploring and exploiting the creative opportunities of portrait painting. I think this Albert Einstein portrait represents a nice progression in the new subject and thought I would share it with you.

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