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Alla Prima Video Demonstration Using Acrylics - Fishing Boats


Alla Prima Video Demonstration Using Acrylics

In this alla prima video demonstration I will paint a loose, painterly seascape using acrylics & compressed charcoal. This lesson will help you paint fluidly and quickly which will eliminate the need for fussing with details and imperfections. I feel this approach is only possible since I'm very familiar with the subject & composition. I have completed several pencil and charcoal sketches along with some acrylic paintings. This gives me a tremendous amount of freedom to paint and express loosely which is what this demo is all about.

What You Need To Know

Sometimes painting becomes difficult simply because the artists becomes overwhelmed with details. This is very common with beginners and advanced painters. When I find myself falling into this trap I always create quick, alia' prima sketches. Typically I try to limit each one to five minutes, or less. By doing this I will rediscover what's important and that's the big shapes along with value and tone.

Demonstration Image

Alla Prima Video Demonstration Using Acrylics  - Fishing Boats

Inspiration Image

Inspiration Image

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