Applying Acrylics Lesson


Applying Acrylics Lesson For Beginners

This lesson covers a few techniques for applying acrylics. Anyone can load up a brush with paint and apply it to a surface. But understanding how to create more dynamic paintings involves understanding how to balance your strokes and brushwork. It’s always the small details that make the big difference and this lesson will explain a few basic techniques that will help you as you move along with your mixed media journey.

What You Need To Know

Check out the demo image above to spot the points below.

  • Applying acrylics with pressure
  • Understanding balance of loud and light strokes
  • Creating emotional connections to your artwork
  • Balancing quiet and energetic spaces/strokes
  • Why expressive painters need intense/emotional brushwork
  • Keep the composition/exercise simple in order to understand the technique

Your Goal

Time to apply acrylics. Anyone can dip their brush in acrylic paint and apply it – so that’s not the task on hand. Be sure to understand the significance of applying it with pressure and intensity. This is what separates wimpy or strong work. Now I’m not saying every single stroke needs to be slapped on with authority. It’s about the balance of strokes. Creating a range of strokes will help your art become more dynamic and interesting. So explore these subtleties by trying a variety of strokes on scrap paper. Avoid painting finished pieces for now and simply have some fun. This will help you build up the physical aspect of learning by getting your muscles and limbs to work freely.

Applying Acrylics Lesson Demo Image