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Applying Crayon Basics Lesson


Applying Crayon Basics Lesson

This lesson will cover the basics of applying crayon in order to create dynamic lines and effects. Once you have completed this lesson you will have a better understanding of how crayons can dramatically improve your mixed media artwork.

What You Need To Know

Refer to the demo image to spot the points listed below.

  • Understanding pressure
  • How to create intense/expressive lines
  • Creating balance
  • How expressive lines create energy
  • Connecting emotionally to your art
  • Avoid being too heavy, or too light
  • Understanding the viewers perspective
  • Understanding the physical aspect of applying crayon

Your Goal

Have fun practicing basic shapes using crayon. Apply the lesson learned in the video for using pressure into your surface to create a strong line versus light pressure which results in a softer line. Donā€™t overlook these subtleties ā€“ practice, practice.

Applying Crayon Basics Lesson