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Are You Overpainting?


Common mistake #1 is overpainting.

We all do it and it's easy to eliminate once you can recognize the results and when you are in this state-of-mind. To illustrate the mistake I give you two examples so you have a good visual and a side-by-side comparison. 

To eliminate overpainting try:

  1. Avoid being too fussy - allow the paint to dry and come back with fresh eyes to see how you feel about it & make the necessary changes. This is illustrated in the 'overpainting' example above. Even though it's just a square of muddy color it's the attitude and approach that is important. Many artists paint in circles and the results are typically muddy!
  2. A much better approach is to think layers (see 'being patient' example in the image above). If you don't get the color, or look, you are after simply let it dry and start being patient. Most acrylics dry very quickly and you can come back and add a layer over the previous one. This approach will allow you to create better colors, and artwork in general, by eliminating overworked paint.

Are You Overpainting?