Basic Composition Tips For Avoiding Symmetry

 Basic composition tips for avoiding symmetry

Basic composition tips for avoiding symmetry

Avoid This Common Composition Mistake - Avoid Symmetry

In this free video demonstration I will share basic composition tips for avoiding symmetry which is a very common mistake artists make when composing. When you have symmetry the painting lacks interest. More importantly - asymmetrical composing will make even a simple coffee cup, as explained in the video, become more interesting.

There's also an example of another symmetry issue and that's with animals, or more specifically a cow. But it can easily be a figure, cat or panda bear. The points I make are to watch out for how symmetry can easily pop up in subjects other than still life.

What You Need To Know

If you watched the video then you should have a visual memory of symmetry, and how you can avoid it. It's important that you keep these basic composition no-no's fresh in the memory so that it doesn't creep back into your artwork.

I highly recommend you spend time exploring your finished artwork to see if you could have improved it by adding more asymmetrical qualities. Then have a look at some new subjects, or images, to see where symmetry could be an issue. It's one thing to see another artist fix symmetry but another to actually go through the motions of doing it. It's this physical and mental effort that will enable you to spot potential issues quickly  once you have practiced.

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