Capturing Depth Grayscale

Capturing Depth Grayscale Lesson

Capturing Depth Grayscale Lesson

In this capturing depth grayscale lesson I will illustrate why value is so important and how it can impact your artwork. This is particularly valuable for landscapes and still life subjects, but can easily be applied to any painting theme.

What You Need To Know

It's very important to understand contrast and how this impacts a painting.

To make objects appear farther away you need less value shifts and less contrast. To make this happen you would work in the mid-ranges of a value scale. Basically you want to avoid adding the lightest light and the darkest dark in this area.

As the object(s) move forward the lighter and darker values will be applied accordingly. All the while you need to reserve the darkest and lightest values lighter values for the foreground area, or objects closest to you. This will add the most contrast, or value shift to the closer objects this adding depth to the painting.

Get To Work

I recommend you create a similar depth study using grayscale. This will help you to understand how this impacts your artwork and give you the physical memory for learning how to apply this to your paintings. Once you have completed one study do ten more. Actually you need to make a point to use it as a warm up exercise for the next month. I promise this will increase your chances at creating successful artwork and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

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