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Carytown Inspired Painting

Carytown Inspired Painting

Carytown Inspired Painting Details

This loose & expressive Carytown painting is inspired from a photo reference taken several months back while plein air sketching in the Richmond, Virginia area. I've been exploring light and shadow lately and getting farther away from familiar subjects like cows. It's so easy to settle into a comfort zone and do what's easy. But I feel one major weakness with my art is capturing light. It's primarily because my approach is very spontaneous and I rarely take time to really see details & subtleties.

These cityscapes make me look a bit deeper into understanding tone & value. What I've learned is no matter what level of understanding I have there's so much more to learn. Especially when it comes to using mixed media which is what I did in this piece with the crayon.  My goal is to keep exploring light and more importantly how to use my mediums to express it.