Cityscape Artwork

Cityscape Artwork

Cityscape Artwork Details

This cityscape painting depicts a scene near downtown Richmond, Virginia and is inspired from a photo that was taken at the Richmond City Hall Observatory. It's painted with heavy body acrylics on 20" x 24" stretched canvas. Loose, colorful and affordable cityscape artwork that's well suited for any room in the home or office. You can check out the 'Materials' list to learn more about my specific mediums and where I purchase them.

Artist Notes

It's amazing what an hour visit to the Observatory can produce. The photos I took will inspires countless paintings and this is exactly why I go prepared. Whenever I leave the house I take a camera and not just my phone camera. This gives me the chance to take advantage of any opportunity when they present themselves. And few things are more inspiring than having 100's of new images to fuel the sessions! Good stuff!

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