Cityscape Charcoal Video Demonstration


Cityscape Charcoal Video Demonstration

This lesson will illustrate how you can take a complicated cityscape image and explore details using charcoal. Understanding how squinting will help reduce shapes. Adding intense strokes mixed with lighter strokes will help balance the drawing.

What I Will Cover In This Lesson

  • Squint to reduce shapes by merging the details into blocks of color
  • Connect to details and indicate them loosely
  • Adding intense lines and balance with softer strokes
  • Get inspiration from the image but avoid adding every element and detail
  • Capture the essence go the scene
  • Intense strokes anchor the drawing
  • Too light, or too heavy equals flat art that’s quiet or loud
  • Simplify the medium in order to focus on the technique of connecting to subjects and explore applying charcoal

Materials Used In This Demo:

140 lb. Cold Press Watercolor Paper
Compressed charcoal

Demonstration Image

Cityscape Charcoal Video Demonstration

Your Goal

Grab a cityscape, landscape or any other subject/image that is somewhat complex. Try creating a dynamic, emotionally charged drawing while reducing the amount of details. Squinting can help. By only focusing on what you connect to in the image will help you simplify the scene. Be sure to avoid including every single detail. This will only clutter your drawing.

That's A Wrap

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