Cityscape Painting Video Demonstration


Cityscape Painting Video Demonstration Overview

Need a technique for creating loose, expressive and abstract cityscapes? Great! Have a look at this free video demonstration where I will share one of my favorite techniques. 

In this video demonstration I will create a cityscape painting with an inferior George Washington portrait. Using a combination of heavy body acrylics, inks and crayon I will transform this loser into a winner while sharing some thoughts along the way that may inspire your art as well. The surface is 140 lb. cold press paper that measures 22" x 30".

That's A Wrap

Hope you enjoyed the free tip and that it helps you preserve your beautiful works on paper. Please be kind and share this post with your friends and fellow artists if you enjoyed the content.

Here are the images from the cityscape demonstration along with some close ups of the finished piece.

Cityscape video demonstration painting