Cityscape Paintings - Capturing The Hustle & Bustle

Cityscape Paintings - Capturing The Hustle & Bustle

I'm sharing some recent cityscape paintings that hopefully capture some of the excitement and energy of the city. The mediums vary from acrylics, mixed media to watercolors. But the goal was consistently putting the focal point on the people and vehicles. Painting complex scenes can be difficult since there's so many details coming at the artist. The ability to simplify the unnecessary in order to create a center of interest is the key to making these subjects work. Hopefully you can see this in the gallery of cityscape artwork I'm sharing with you here. Like anything it's a work in progress and I will get better over time as I continue to simplify in order to express what's really important.

Hope you enjoyed the new art & thanks for having a look.


If you would like to purchase originals you can find them here.

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