Coca Cola Still Life Painting

Coca Cola still life painting

About The Still Life Painting

This abstract expressionist Coca Cola still life painting, painted with a fearless and bold palette of burgundy, red, creamy whites and pops of yellow and green. A mouth-watering soda pop painting that would be best suited in the kitchen or dining area.

Artist Notes

This gem measures 18.50" x 17", and created with a mixed media combination of heavy body acrylics, inks and crayon on archival paper. I don't paint many still life paintings but when I do I tend to keep the composition simple. This allows me to focus on my color and brushwork without crowding the viewing area with other unnecessary objects. I have started a series of Interior still life paintings that incorporate more objects, but as far as still life I tend to prefer a minimalist approach.

This piece is inspired from a visit to an old country store. They were selling these old school bottles of Coca Cola that were displayed in an oak barrel full of ice. I couldn't resist and purchased one for the road. As I was drinking it I became interested in the nostalgia of the vintage looking bottle and thought it would make an interesting painting. And it did, or at least I think so!

Hope you enjoyed the painting and be sure to paint the things that genuinely interest you, and are a part of your every day life. This is essential in creating honest art that reflects who you are, what you do and like.

Still LifeRobert Joyner