Coffee Cup Demonstration


Coffee Cup Demonstration Lesson With Mixed Media

This coffee cup demonstration will illustrate how painting a simple abstract style still life painting using all the lessons in Value and Tone Fundamentals can help the expressive artist. I'm basically employing all lessons including adding drawing mediums which in this case is crayons.

What You Need To Know

  • This exercise, should you try to complete, is intended for experienced artists. You should have a solid foundation of the basics before diving in but it's your art, so do as you please. Beginners can certainly learn this exercise but I wouldn't want to be responsible for making you frustrated.
  • The basic goal is to create a simple composition, which is why I used a coffee cup, to create a mixed media painting using good value and tone principles.
  • This exercise will give you some experience for how to apply mixed media materials that conform nicely within the color & tone design.
  • Mixed media is a lot of fun but can easily frustrate many artists. Your goal is to understand value & tone when combining mediums. If this is out of place your art becomes too busy. And chances are it will lack focal point & harmony.
  • Many artists that want to dabble with mixed media fail miserably in this area because they lack a solid foundation for value and tone basics.

This concludes The Value And Tone Acrylic Painting Fundamentals course. I hope you enjoyed it and more importantly it increases your chances of success. Don'y underestimate this key building block. The more you practice the better you become.

Learn to paint abstract style still life paintings

Learn to paint abstract style still life paintings


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