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Color And Value 101

Color And Value Acrylic Lesson

Color And Value Acrylic Lesson

Color And Value 101

In this Color and Value 101 lesson you will learn a quick tip on color and how it impacts values. It's important to have some knowledge on how to tone down colors in order to increase and decrease values. Again, this is just an overview lesson to get you started with making your color adjustments to create depth and values accordingly.

What You Need To Know

  • Use grays, or a complimentary, to tone down color(s). As the objects move closer to the foreground area I used more intense, or saturated colors. Basically eliminating gray. This gives the illusion of depth which is attributed to the overall intensity of the color. You will learn more in the next lesson as it's accompanied with a better demonstration image.
  • For now just know that using, or adding gray, or a complimentary color will increase and decrease intensity.

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