Colorful Abstract Horse Painting

Colorful abstract horse painting

Colorful Abstract Horse Painting Details

Eye-popping. colorful and abstract style horse painting created with a lovely palette of greens, teals, yellow, blue and red. It measures 22" x 30" and painted on 140 lb. archival paper. Depicts three horses running in full stride. Horses were a regular subject in the studio until about two years ago when I burned out on painting them. I've found some horse inspiration lately and have painted several pieces including this one. I'll post the others later in a blog post, or in the horse art portfolio.

Artist Notes

As with many of my works this one is painted over an inferior painting. Really thankful this technique works well for me or I would probably go broke with all the bad art I create. That or I would get a good workout going to the dumpster every day.

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