Colorful Horse Artwork

Colorful Horse Artwork

Colorful Horse Artwork Details

This colorful horse artwork is created with a vibrant palette, minimalist style and energetic compressed charcoal scribbles. The medium is heavy body acrylics, inks and charcoal on archival paper and measures 13.50" x 15.50".

I discovered this piece in the reject pile and immediately recognized the potential but it lacked the 'pop' needed to make it complete. After putting it on my easel I grabbed the yellow ink and gave it some sizzle. While still wet I added the compressed charcoal scribbles. In a matter of minutes it was finished. This is exactly why I never throw away inferior works because I just never know if it really is a reject or I haven't yet discovered a solution to make it complete.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the new horse painting. Toodles.

HorsesRobert Joyner