Colorful Horse Painting

colorful horse painting

Colorful Horse Painting Details

This colorful horse painting is created with mixed media on paper, depicts a few horses running wild and free. The style is also untamed and blends perfectly with the subjects. It's created with acrylic paint, inks and crayon, measures 22" x 30" and loaded with eye popping colors like dark blue, creamy whites, browns, and pops of yellow and orange. This piece will allow you to explore the literal, yet enough abstract qualities to let your imagination in on all the fun. A truly dynamic horse painting.

Artist Notes

I've slowly started getting back into painting horses the past few months and I'm thrilled to be painting them once again. It's been a fabulous reunion and I certainly see the excitement in the finished work. Sometimes stepping away from a subject will allow me the time to develop my style and perhaps improve subjects when I return.

Much of my recent work has focused more on portraits, interiors, simple still life and others. All the while my work and style is evolving so to see the improvement is always a wonderful thing. The horse painting just has more of that abstract quality that I love without sacrificing the representational aspects which isn't always easy. But I do prefer to have it pushed to the abstract side as much as possible, so I'm constantly making an effort to do this when I'm painting in the studio. So far it's all working quite nicely and the results are very pleasing.

HorsesRobert Joyner