Contemporary Abstract Horse Artwork

Contemporary Abstract Horse Artwork

Contemporary Abstract Horse Artwork

This contemporary abstract horse artwork depicts several horses running in full stride. The composition is enhanced by the expressive brushwork and loose graphite linear strokes. The warm palette consists of creamy butter white, light green, earthy shades of brown and pops of red and orange. The medium is heavy body acrylics, inks and graphite on 140 lb. archival paper, measures 15" x 22".

My new thing in the studio lately is to take a clean sheet of paper and mash it into leftover paint at the end of a session. This creates interesting color combinations with bursts of pure color. It's also resourceful and allows me to start a painting with some dry shapes and colors versus a blank white sheet.

In my opinion the success of this horse painting is attributed to the underpainting. Take away those pops of red and orange and the painting loses visual interest. There are other facets of this piece that help make it work, the minimalist style background and scribbles of graphite that were applied when the background was still wet are vital too.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the new art and thanks for stopping by.


If you would like to purchase originals you can find them here.

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