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Contemporary Abstract Horse Painting

Contemporary Abstract Horse Painting

Contemporary Abstract Horse Painting Details

This contemporary abstract style horse painting depicts several horses running wild and free. It's painted with mixed media combination of heavy body acrylics, inks and colored pencils on 140 lb. archival paper, and measures 22" x 30".

After taking a few months off from painting horses I felt it was time to get back to them. It's often that subjects will become stale and I no longer have the urge to paint them. When this happens I simply turn to a subject that piques my interest. That's the beauty of not being a one trick pony :)

There are several aspects of this painting I love. The palette is one of them but the line work if by far my favorite. It really adds to the energetic composition of running horses. Anytime the style can lend itself to the to the subject it's a bonus.

That's about all I have to say now. Thanks for having a look.

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