Crayon Versus Charcoal Lesson


Crayon Versus Charcoal Lesson - Free Version

This lesson will give you a side-by-side comparison of crayon and charcoal. Similar materials in that they can create fantastic linear interest to your work. In the demo I illustrate the differences as well as the strength and weaknesses between the two mediums.

The main points I make are:


  1. Adds lines but with limited color options – kind of stuck with dark gray
  2. Presents a challenge of adding colors over it without creating muddy art
  3. You must have good brush cleaning awareness so you prevent graying your colors

Crayon Versus Charcoal Lesson Image


  1. Adds lines but with the benefit of color(s)
  2. Blend well with other colors applied with acrylics
  3. Crayons are friendlier when adding layers over them

Crayon Versus Charcoal Lesson


Charcoal and crayons can add some serious movement and energy to you artwork by adding linear interest. Crayons give you a better chance it adding lines without potentially ruining the work by creating mud. But with good skills you can achieve beautiful mixed media paintings with charcoal as well – you just have to more aware of the potential problems when using it.

Your Goal

Have some fun with exploring both of these side-by-side to see if you connect to one over the other. It’s not to say you only will use one but it’s good to know how you feel about them so you can have better connections to your medium.

Crayon Versus Charcoal Lesson Image (Both)