Dairy Cow

Dairy Cow

Dairy Cow Painting

This dairy cow painting depicts a Holstein breed created with untamed brushwork but captures the essence of the subject in a unique way. It's painted with a mixed media combination of heavy body acrylics, inks and graphite on archival paper, measures 22" x 30". Loaded with abstract qualities that will allow your mind to roam. Once you are finished using the imagination you can enjoy the representational qualities as well. A true gem of a cow painting.

Capturing The Moment

As an artist I always strive to be original in every facet of the creative process. I've painted hundreds of cows but each time I try to bring something fresh to the artwork. And I do this by simply painting what and how I feel at that moment in time. I avoid getting too caught up in the subject and prefer to express myself through the application of mediums in an emotional way. This approach allows the art to be representative of that specific time in my life. We all know life can be a roller coaster of events and feelings so why not infuse that into the art? I do think each day brings a new energy and it's refreshing to allow this to be a part of my painting.

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